The largest electric vehicle charging network in Poland

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Why GreenWay?

Extensive coverage

GreenWay is an extensive, nationwide network of fast charging stations. Charging stations are located every 85 - 100 kilometres from each other. So you do not have to worry if you set out on a longer route. By 2020, we will have 200 charging stations for electric cars, including 10 ultra-fast and 135 high-speed ones.

Convenient locations

GreenWay stations are located at the main transport corridors - highways and expressways. All this so that even a car with a small battery can travel around Poland. As a result, wherever you go, you'll easily find a point where you can quickly and easily recharge your electric car!

Short battery charging time

Charging in practice takes longer than standard refuelling - and that's a fact. However, this time can be accelerated thanks to the fast Greenway chargers that allow you to charge a battery with a capacity of 23-40 kWh to 80% on average within 30-45 minutes! Thanks to this you will be able to efficiently cover consecutive kilometres.

24/7 technical support

The charger does not work at night? Do you have another technical problem? Do you want to know about our offer and network? Nothing simpler, call our Hotline, and consultants will certainly help you! You can also send an email. Regardless of the time, every day.

Uniwersal chargers

All Greenway chargers are equipped with three most popular connectors for electric cars in accordance with generally available standards: CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type 2. The first two are standards for fast charging by means of direct current, and the last one is charging with alternating current. Thanks to this solution, the owners of all car brands can use the Greenway network, because there is no problem with the compatibility of the charger (in exceptional cases only adapters are necessary).

Simple and functional tools

We provide an easy to use Driver Zone that will help you plan your trip. You can conveniently check the locations of fast charging stations on your chosen route, as well as their availability in real time. The ability to start recharging remotely will be useful when you forget your card. Thanks to access to the Driver's Zone, you will check your data and settlements for the completed charging.


With GreenWay, Europe is open to you. Thanks to roaming agreements with our partners, you do not have to worry about charging your car even in other countries. All you need is a GreenWay card and your fantasy. You also do not have to worry about settlements - you only settle accounts with us and all bills will be in your account.

Your satisfaction is our priority

We create our network with you in mind - an electrician. GreenWay is a network of fast charging stations, which not only facilitates traveling and overcoming long distances by electric car, but also contributes to the growth of popularity and development of electromobility in Poland. We are opening Polish roads to drivers in order to achieve with them the goal of a million electric cars for Polish ones.

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Register in our network. Thanks to this, you can easily use our stations wherever you are. Then you can enjoy the ride!


2 Use

After registration, you will receive an RFID card and access to the Driver Zone, which will enable identification in our network and easy and efficient use of chargers.


3 Charging

If you are registered, plug the cable into the car, and place the card in the reader or start charging through the Driver Zone. The settlement will be made without cash.

Our Price List


Prices of multiple recharging services for registered customers.
GreenWay Polska summer promotion for every client! 5% discount per DC charging session and 90 minutes without any minute-based fee.
Valid from July 1 til August 31, 2018.


Prices of ad-hoc recharging services for customers using recharging service without full registration

The prices given are gross amounts, including VAT. They apply throughout the whole GreenWay network.

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Map of GreenWay network
More charging is available through our roaming partners.

Rýchlostná cesta R5

Podjavorinskej 28

920 03 Hlohovec

+421 911 285 665

Access description

GPS: 48.149433, 17.112343

Open hours: PO-PIA 8:00 - 24:00

Status: available

Typ konektora Typ konektora Typ konektora

These maps do not provide real time information and you cannot start/stop charging using these map. For real time information on charger status, and to start/stop charging, please visit the maps in the Driver Zone.

out of order

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Planned deployments

Rýchlostná cesta R5

Podjavorinskej 28

920 03 Hlohovec

+421 911 285 665

Access description

GPS: 48.149433, 17.112343

To be installed in 2nd half of 2018
To be installed in 2019
Station before technical inspection


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