The Benefits of Driving an Electric Vehicle:

  • Save your lungs, and your planet - Because EVs do not have tailpipes they emit zero pollutants. This benefits the air you, your family, and neighbors breathe, and our ozone, this helping the planet.
  • Go faster, smoother- Because they haev instant torque and no gears, EVs accelerate much faster than combustion engine vehicles, which feel great, is fun, and helps with things like merging into traffic
  • Save money on maintenance - Because it has no engine, many fewer moving parts, and regenerative breaking to save brake pads, EVs require much less to no maintenance.
  • Save money on charging - the price of electricity is often cheaper than that of fluctuating diesel and petrol prices.

The Benefits of Having a Charging Station:

  • Increase of property value (without incurring any expenses) – A charging point will be a fixed asset and a functional part of your real estate, directly increasing its value. These can be costly investments but under this project 100% of the costs of constructing, maintaining, and operating the charging station will be borne by us. This is an opportunity not to be missed.
  • Increasing numbers of customers - With the development of the electric vehicle market, more and more drivers (Polish and international) will be arriving to recharge at the charging station and shop at your businesses while they wait for their car to charge. 
  • Exclusive access to the market -  Because our charging points will be located approximately 80 km from each other your location will handle all of the EV users in that radius.
  • Charge times result in good customers -  Charging time is 30+ minutes, causing drivers of electric vehicles to take advantage of retail and services offers while they wait – even more so than combustion engine car owners do during refueling at petrol stations.
  • Increased awareness of your site/business - Once you host one of our charging points, your business/location will be included in our marketing materials so drivers know where to go to charge.
  • Creates a positive, ecological and pro-innovation image of your business - EV charge points reflect businesses which care about ecology and technological progress. This matters to travelers and prospective employees, who increasingly consider these factors in where they want to work and travel.

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