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GreenWay Polska Sp. o.o. is part of the Voltia Group, motivated by the desire to end our dependence on oil and provide cleaner mobility solutions for people and business. The Voltia Group focuses on a variety of areas of electromobility, including electric vehicles as-a-service, public charging infrastructure investments, provision of the charging services to EV owners and development of battery technologies.

We possess extensive practical experience gained through the construction of the largest fast charging network in Slovakia (20 points). This network is also connected to other networks in neighbouring countries via roaming agreements with providers in those countries. We also conduct research and development activities, including optimization of EVs impact on the electricity grid.

GreenWay Polska Sp. o.o. is led by Mr Rafał Czyżewski.

Helpline, info: +48 58 731 96 36

Press officer: Edyta Szczęśniak, PR manager | +48 509 785 914 |