How to charge your EV at GreenWay

You need to have our RFID card to charge your EV at GreenWay. Register here, if you want to receive it. You will get it by post after a few days.

Chargers are different! Follow the instruction on the charger if you want to start charging successfully.

The steps you take are always the same, but they can occur in a different order:

  • You choose the right connector
  • You connect the charger cable to your EV or plug your own cable into the charger socket
  • You use our RFID card to authorize and start charging

When charging, follow the instructions on the display.

To stop charging, use your card again.

Unplug and hang up the cable.

With our application - available also on mobile phones - drivers will be able to plan ahead, check the availability of the particular point. In the future, we will provide drivers with the possibility to use our roaming partners networks too when crossing the Polish border.
Have a nice electric drive with GreenWay!

EV Explained

Electric vehicles are the future of cars. They do not emit exhaust fumes, they are quiet, they have low operating costs. They can be charged at home, from the regular socket - but it takes about 8h, or in a special fast charger. At GreenWay station, charging your EV is fast: the urban electric car charges up to 80% of its battery power in 30 minutes.

GreenWay offers:
  • charging ecosystem: application for paying for charging and showing the nearest charger, the network of charging stations, support;
  • Charger every 85 kilometres: stations, where you can quickly charge the car will be located on the main routes at such interstices, so even a car with a small battery can reach the next one on a single charge
  • Universal system: GreenWay charger supports electric vehicles of all brands: Nissan, BMW, Tesla, ...
  • til the 7th of May 2018, you use our services free of charge!



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