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Do you want to have an electric vehicle charging station at no extra cost? With GreenWay 360 it’s not difficult to do. For a small monthly fee, you get a charging station along with its full service, installation and maintenance.

Charger as a service

GreenWay 360 is a service that offers both the product which the station is, and operational services, insurance and maintenance. You don’t pay upfront, you don’t have to acquire new competencies or hire new employees. Your only cost is the monthly fee in which you pay for the station, its full service and the provision of charging services along with end-user services. The charger formally remains our property, so we take care of everything: we install, insure, manage the station, take care of maintenance and service.

Regardless of whether you have a hotel, shopping mall or another facility, if you want to provide charging services – GreenWay 360 is an offer for you. You can easily extend your offer to premium customers in a simple and effortless way.


Why GreenWay 360?

  • Subscription fee from PLN 299 per month
  • Everything at one price – installation, warranty and insurance for the entire contract period, infrastructure maintenance, technical commissioning by Urząd Dozoru Technicznego, station service, and management, charging service
  • No additional costs – no payment for the start and end of the contract period – only a fixed monthly subscription fee
  • Flexible cooperation period – agreement for a period from 3 to 6 years
  • Opportunity to earn revenue from the charging service – if you choose the variant with a charging service payable to end-users, then we refund you the cost of electricity for charging and share the margin, which reduces your costs
  • Professional service without costs – 24/7 service for end-users, payment service, technical hotline included in the monthly fee
  • Visibility and marketing – the station is included in the largest network in Poland and the region, promoted among EV drivers
  • The option of preferential purchase or replacement of the device for a new one after the end of the rental period
  • The possibility to order from us the construction of connection for the purpose of supplying the charging station

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