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Do you own or think about installing an electric vehicle charging station, but you do not want to deal with it? Do you want to offer charging services but don’t have the competences or resources to support end-users? We will handle the charging station for you.

Entrust us with managing your charging station with GreenWay Opero. As the operator of the largest charging network in the country we have the appropriate resources and skills to provide the highest quality charging services for your customers. GreenWay Opero offers services both for public and private stations, free or payable to end users. If you decide on paid services, you can use our price list or set individual rates for charging services. You will receive revenues, and we’ll handle the entire process.


We are able to install, configure and fully support your charging station. Our main goal is to make your electric vehicle charging station a positive and hassle-free addition and a benefit to your business. We can help you whatever your preferences are, so you can focus on your core business, and leave the rest to us.

What will GreenWay do:

  • We will prepare your station to provide charging services – provide remote communication, configure and label the station
  • If your station will be public, we will report it to the EIPA register and update station information on a regular basis
  • We will remotely operate the station – maintain online connectivity and update software, control  station operation, monitor events and inform you about those that will require your intervention
  • We will serve end users – we will provide them with full access to the service (mobile application and authorization tools) and 24/7 technical support
  • In the case of payable services for end-users, we will handle the entire process
  • Forget about GDPR! – we will be processing end-users’ personal data
  • We will provide reports on the station usage and technical support for you
  • We will provide you with guidelines for a formal operator.

You can additionally purchase service, inspections or technical approval of the station for operation by UDT.


In both variants, you can choose between offering the service to the end-user for a fee or free of charge. If you decide to offer it free of charge, you cover the costs of energy for charging purposes. If you decide on paid services, they will be in accordance with the GreenWay price list or according to the rates you set. For this reason, you receive revenues from every kWh of energy transferred to the car.

GreenWay Opero for public charging stations

GreenWay Opero for public charging stations

If you want to provide charging services to all end-users without exception, select the option for public charging stations. Your station will gain high visibility - it will be part of the largest electric vehicle charging network in the country and region - and will be promoted among EV drivers.

GreenWay Opera for private stations

GreenWay Opera for private stations

If you want to offer charging services only to a selected group of end-users - they can be your employees or tenants who use private electric vehicles - choose GreenWay Opero for private stations. Your station will not be visible to everyone in our application and will not be promoted among all drivers. This will guarantee the exclusivity of your charging station for the users you specify. We also recommend the private stations' option for companies that have their own electric fleets.

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