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Summer promotion under the slogan „Recharge yourself with green energy for holidays with GreenWay” is ready to welcome its potential joiners on board! The promotion is dedicated for customers who use GreenWay charging services in Energia Standard, Energia Plus and Energia Max subscription programs.

What can you gain? 😊


  • If you are currently using Energia Standard subscription, we have for you a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee if you decide to switch to the Energia Plus or Energia Max plans. It is important that you apply the changes in the period from July 1 to August 31. Check our price list and see how profitable it is to charge with a subscription!
  • However, if you already use Energia Plus or Energia Max monthly subscriptions, we have an Energy packages for you. In the case of the Energia Plus plan, it is 20kWh, and in the case of Energia Max, it is 80 kWh.If you wish to take advantage of the promotion, login into the Client Zone, and activate the following promo code in the Coupons section:



See the Terms and Conditions of the promotion for details.

If you have questions about the rules of promotion or the benefits of charging in a subscription, call our hotline:

+48 58 325 10 17