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To use the charging service of the GreenWay network, you must register. During registration you must provide your payment card details in the Visa or MasterCard system, from which we will collect payments for services.

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Is parking free?

Almost all our chargers are located in public, free parking lots. In case the parking is paid, you can find information about it in the station description on the Driver Zone.

How to start charging?

You can use one of the following methods to start charging:

  • Log in to the Driver Zone, search for the correct location, choose the right connector and connecting to the charger, start charging by selecting the “Start charging” button (option available for clients with full and one-time registration).
  • Use your RFID card to start charging and follow the instructions on the charger (only available for clients with full registration).

How do I finish charging?

To finish charging:

  • On the Driver Zone, in the window about the charging status, select the “Finish charging” button. Then disconnect the cable from the car (option available for clients with full and one-time registration).
  • Attach the RFID card to the charger reader and press the “Finish charging” button. After this you can disconnect the cable from the car (the option is only available for clients with full registration).

How can I stop charging in an emergency?

In emergency situations, you will stop charging immediately by pushing the red emergency button located under the display screen of each charger. However, remember – use it only in health or life threatening situations! It is not to be used to stop the charging process.

Where and how can I find information about GreenWay chargers?

Current information on functioning chargers and the availability of chargers and individual links can be found on the Driver Zone.

What time are chargers available in the GreenWay network?

The vast majority of chargers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A detailed description of the availability of each charger can be found on the map and in the Driver Zone. Stations that are not available at a given time are marked in yellow in the Driver Zone.