GreenWay Polska Sp. z o.o., Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98, Gdynia 81-451
Technical support : +48 58 325 10 77 [email protected]

GreenWay Polska is one of the first companies in Poland that strives to develop electromobility.

The largest network of fast charging stations in Central Europe and Eastern Europe

GreenWay is a modern company looking to the future and focusing on the area of the economy that is innovative for Poland – electromobility. Our goal is construction and operation a network of charging stations for electric cars. We want not only to develop the network itself and to make electromobility accessible to everyone, but above all make Poland a country friendly to its nature and the people living in it.

Rafal Czyzewski
Edyta Szczęśniak
PR & Markeitng Manager
Maciej Gajewski
Managing Director
Aleksander Czapczyk
Sales Director

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