GreenWay changes the price list for charging electric cars


GreenWay adjusts the price list of charging services to the increase in energy costs, rising inflation, and rising labor costs. Despite the price increase, customers using subscription programs will continue to pay the least per kWh on the market. The new GreenWay price list will apply from April 1 this year.

The change in the GreenWay price list is caused by an over 100% increase in market prices of electricity over the last year, an increase in electricity distribution fees, and high inflation resulting in an increase in other costs. The average increase in prices per kilowatt-hour of supplied energy will be 16%, while subscription fees in the Energia Plus and Max pricing programs - 14%. Despite the increase in fees, GreenWay Polska will maintain the lowest price on the Polish market for 1 kWh of car charging in Energia Plus and Max subscriptions.

At the same time, GreenWay simplifies the structure of the price list for charging depending on the station power. The fees will be determined for three categories: AC stations, DC stations with a power less than or equal to 100 kW, and DC stations with a power greater than 100 kW. An important - and previously postulated by network customers - change is the increase in fees for the car parking time at the charging station after exceeding the limit of free minutes at AC stations and the unification of this limit at DC stations for all price plans. The purpose of this action is to limit the blocking of parking spaces at chargers.

The price list is valid until the end of March and its new version, which will come into force in April, can be seen on the GreenWay Polska website:

GWPL CENNIK 01.03.2021 (Polski) (

As part of the Anti-Inflation Shield, since February this year, GreenWay's price list includes a temporarily reduced VAT rate of 5%.

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