GreenWay concludes 2020 powering nearly 100 trips around Earth


Last year, GreenWay customers drove around the Earth almost 100 times, based on their energy consumption.  The 800 MWh of energy taken from the company’s chargers allowed for a total of 4 million km of ecological driving. How did 2020 looked like in detailed figures and data from the perspective of GreenWay, and above all, most of the electric drivers?

GreenWay launched 108 new stations in 2020: 72 in Poland and 36 in Slovakia. Overall there are now  225 chargers in Poland, and 118 in Slovakia. The infrastructure is also supplemented by 10 energy storage facilities, which ensure that even in the case where power connection capacity is limited EV drivers can get the high power they need to recharge.  =. Such technological facilities on both sides of the border are used by a total of over 10,000 clients, of which over 5,000 have joined the GreenWay network in the past 12 months:

  • Number of new registered customers in 2020: PL – 4 154 / SK – 883

  • Total number of registered customers: PL – 8 459 / SK – 2 043

  • Number of charging sessions: PL 46 673 / SK 10 486

  • The most popular connector standards include:

  • PL – CHAdeMO 23%, CCS 30%, AC Type 47%

  • SK – CHAdeMO 23%, CCS 28%, AC Type 49%.

  • The average duration of one session on a slow station (AC) and on a fast station (DC):

  • PL: AC – 108 min / DC – 35 min

  • SK: AC – 265 min / DC – 25 min

The situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic also impacted the statistics, especially when in the spring of 2020 (March-May), the number of car journeys significantly dropped. This led to a substantial decrease (30%) in the use of the chargers during the first wave of the pandemic. In May and June, the demand for charging services returned to its previous level and continued to grow in the following months.

Not only stations but also customer service

What is extremely important is the customer service satisfaction rate, which remained at very high levels – reaching 94% in Poland and 91% in Slovakia. One of the basic factors influencing customer satisfaction was the very high availability of charging points throughout the year, which remained at the level of 99%! 

The quality of service and the ease of use of the GreenWay network was also influenced by, among factors, adding the GreenWay stations to Google maps, which significantly improved travel planning for EV drivers.

At GreenWay it is not only about the chargers we own, but also the wide range of charging infrastructure and services we offer.

2020 was also successful in terms of developing cooperation with key business partners by providing them charging stations and related services. GreenWay Polska has established cooperation with representatives of the automotive industry (Mazda, Hyundai, Volvo, KIA, Nissan) in many areas, ranging from technical audits to comprehensive projects for the delivery and installation of charging stations. Establishing  relationships with leading partners in the industry of office and commercial property management industry, such as EuroPark, White Star, BNP Paribas Real Estate, EnerMitel was very important, as was strengthening of cooperation with IKEA

Police in Świętokrzyska voivodeship are now also charging their EV’s on stations installed by GreenWay, and the GreenWay fleet offer for charging services are used by InPost and Traficar. Charging while shopping is already possible at Elektrownia Powiśle, where a total of 17 devices have appeared, also available to the residents of the complex.

A significant announcement from last year was also the contract signed with the European Leasing Fund (EFL), thanks to which entrepreneurs gained a convenient tool to finance the purchase of chargers. Ecological charging has also become easier thanks to the cooperation with photovoltaic companies such as SunSol, providing PV systems, among others to households, where over 80% of users charge their cars.

Further development of the GreenWay network

In 2020, we acquired many new locations for GreenWay stations. Among others, agreements were signed for  17 chargers at  Service Areas – along the A1, A2, and A4 motorways. Cooperation with the Katowice City Hall was also fruitful and resulted in the installation of 10 new charging stations.

Elimination of white spots on the map of Europe

Among the most important events of 2020 was the completion of two EU projects in Poland and Slovakia – “NCE-FastEvNet” and “NCE-AdvancedEvNet” – under the “Connecting Europe Facility”  It is thanks to these undertakings that Poland and Slovakia are no longer electromobility deserts, and we have installed a total of 228 charging stations in both countries under these programs.

The culmination of these activities was the international conference attended by representatives of the European Commission, the Polish government, local government, and European companies involved in the development of electromobility. The recording of the event is available on the GreenWay YouTube channel.

GreenWay is also involved in activities on the European policy front through the industry association Charge Up Europe.  The goal of ChargeUp Europe is to create a modern charging infrastructure for electric vehicles based on open technical standards, fair market competition, and a growing number of customers. It is also a member of the Platform for Electromobility, an organization representing members from across the electrification spectrum.

Polish e-mobility 2020

The summary of the last 12 months cannot be concluded without assessing the general situation on the EV market, which, like any other area, was affected by the ongoing pandemic. The spring lockdown resulted in a decrease in the number of charging sessions. GreenWay Polska supported its customers and business partners in a number of ways including by temporarily suspending certain monthly subscription fees and station management fees for the hospitality industry.

Despite the uncertain situation, the number of electric vehicles registered in Poland more than doubled in 2020: at the end of November, there were 17,121 units. This is 120% more than the year before (8,996 in November 2019). At the same time, the network of generally accessible charging stations increased by as much as 36%.

An important issue for GreenWay Polska is to support initiatives that build an e-mobile community and increase environmental awareness. Therefore, with the Polish Alternative Fuels Association,  the company became involved in building the largest portal in Poland bringing together owners and users of electric cars,, which has been active since October.

2020 was a real challenge for all of us, mainly due to the epidemic and introduced restrictions. Nevertheless, the electromobility market continued to gain popularity, and we managed to achieve our main business goals. We are seeing a further increase in the number of electric cars, although, like many who support electromobility, we would like to see even more growth in this regard. We hope to witness it this year. We are very pleased with the growing interest in the products and services we offer, as it shows that our offer is tailored to the needs of our customers. We believe that electromobility is the future of transport, and we are only at the beginning of this pathsummarizes Rafał Czyżewski.



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