GreenWay development plans: 1.5 thousand. charging points in 4 years


GreenWay Polska will invest PLN 330 million in the development of the charging network by 2026. For electric drivers, this means 1,500 new charging points that will appear on the map of Poland in less than four years. By the end of this year, GreenWay Polska will include 120 charging points in the network and replace 60 stations with more powerful ones.

In February 2022, GreenWay announced the acquisition of financial support of EUR 85 million from new and existing investors. The effect of this investment round, the highest in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, is GreenWay Polska's new PLN 330 million plans for the development of the electric car charging network for the coming years.

150 kW as a "standard"

By 2026, GreenWay Polska will build 825 charging stations with 1.5 thousand. car charging points, of which 70 stations (120 points) will be built this year. These plans cover only own stations, i.e. those built and owned by the company. GreenWay Polska estimates that it will simultaneously connect several hundred partner stations to the network.

Also this year, GreenWay Polska will replace 60, 50 kW charging stations with higher-power devices. Most of the new stations installed in the public GreenWay network will have a power of 150 kW, and where it is possible, a power of 200 kW. The only exception may be locations where it is not possible to install chargers with such power due to the limitations of the energy infrastructure.

- 150 kW charging stations are currently our standard for new investments, although we also plan to install 200 kW stations in selected locations. - says Rafał Czyżewski, President of GreenWay Polska. - Having learned from previous experience in terms of drivers' needs, our development plans also included charging hubs, i.e. places where EV drivers will have at least several charging points at their disposal. We already have several such facilities in operation, and several dozen more are in preparation.

First choice for business

Parallel to the expansion of the public charging network, GreenWay is developing business services in the field of electromobility. The offer includes both the delivery of charging stations as well as services in the design and installation of this type of infrastructure. An important element of it are energy management solutions developed by GreenWay specialists used in locations where there are insufficient connection capacities.

- The market is growing and maturing, and Polish companies are increasingly deciding to electrify their fleet. This means completely new business needs - comments Rafał Czyżewski. - We will develop our service activities in the field of electromobility, providing companies with comprehensive support in this transformation. In this regard, we use the experience gained while building our network. Currently, it is the fastest-growing part of our business.

High level of customer service

Since the beginning of its activity, GreenWay has strongly developed procedures and customer service systems. As a result, the company is highly rated by customers, which is confirmed by satisfaction surveys. This is the result of the work of the Call Center team of over 17 people.

Customer satisfaction is also the right IT tools. GreenWay's own IT team of almost 20 people constantly develops these systems. Recently, the company has launched a new, own mobile application, which significantly improved the functionalities related to the usage of chargers by customers.

Development of potential in the field of station service

In addition to comprehensive support for companies in investing and building charging infrastructure, another rapidly growing area of ​​GreenWay's activity is the chargers' service, i.e. services provided to companies that own such infrastructure or are the producers. Therefore, GreenWay intensively develops its own service structures, which are currently located in Gdynia, Warsaw, Łódź, and Sosnowiec. In total, this team already consists of 20 people and is to be significantly expanded in 2023.

- Thanks to our own service team, we are not only able to ensure effective and quick implementation of projects for our business clients but also to take quick action in the event of a failure in our own charging network - concludes Rafał Czyżewski.

The leader of charging services in Poland

There are currently nearly 50,000 registered drivers in the GreenWay network, who collect over 850,000 monthly kWh of energy. The company's network in Poland has 910 charging points installed in 460 stations, of which 450 points allow for fast DC charging. Including the stations in Slovakia, the company's network consists of 1,250 points. Thanks to such an extensive infrastructure, EV drivers can freely move around the country, and the company's business partners can effectively charge electric vehicle fleets.

Enter the emobility world with GreenWay!

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