GreenWay summarizes the year: more stations, more green energy, less CO2 emissions


In 2021, electric vehicles covered the distance between the Earth and the Moon more than 100 times thanks to energy provided by GreenWay charging stations! GW users consumed 3,000 MWh in Poland and Slovakia - four times higher than in 2020! This equates to drivers having driven a total of more than 16 million emissions-free km, saving the planet from more than 22 tons of heavily polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and more than 3,600 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere. 



In 2021, GreenWay launched a total of 150 new charging stations: 117 in Poland and 33 stations in Slovakia. The company now has a total of 447 public charging stations in its own network, of which 323 are located in Poland and 124 in Slovakia. Today, almost 28,000 customers use the GreenWay charging infrastructure in both countries. This is nearly 3x growth over the course of the year! 

- The last years' effects have shown us, that electromobility is in the phase of intensive growth. We expect, that the coming year will bring a similar record, especially since it will be the year of public support programs for electromobility. - says Rafał Czyżewski, president of GreenWay Polska. - On the other hand, we must also remember about the legal and administrative barriers that limit the expansion of the charging network, for example in the area of building connections to the station via DSO. There are many challenges ahead of us and I still have the feeling that this is just the beginning of the boom on the market related to the development of electromobility.

Record year 2021

The growth rate of GreenWay, and thus the popularity of electromobility, is evidenced by record growth numbers from the end of the year:

• Number of new registered customers in 2021:

-       Across the network: 17 587

-       In Poland: 15 191

-       In Slovakia: 2 396

By comparison, just over 10,000 users registered with GreenWay over the course of 2020.

The growing interest in public charging infrastructure is also visible in the dynamics of the number of charging sessions year-on-year:

• Number of charging sessions in 2021:

-       Across the network: 190 282

-       In Poland: 154 771

-       In Slovakia: 35 511

For comparison: in 2020, drivers used GreenWay charging stations 65,266 times.



E-tariff and power increase in 40 stations

In April 2021, in parallel with the entry into force of the e-tariff for electromobility, GreenWay Polska reduced subscription fees and changed the prices of charging services. The e-tariff allowed for a significant reduction of fixed rates for energy distribution in favor of fees related to the actual use of chargers. It also made it possible to increase the power of 40 DC stations, so far limited, to 50 kW.

More green energy

The electric car is as green as the energy in its battery. Therefore, one of GreenWay's strategic goals is to increase the number of charging stations powered by renewable energy. A milestone in its implementation was the cooperation with Polenergia Sprzedaż Sp z o.o., which started in June last year, which, as part of its GoGreen offer, offers green energy in the Energy 2051 standard from its own RES.

The long-term goal of GreenWay is the complete transformation of the charging network into energy from renewable sources.

Transformation assistance

Electromobility is also changing the fleets of companies and organizations. By providing comprehensive services in the development of charging infrastructure and building tailor-made charging solutions, GreenWay supports companies that plan to use an electric fleet or want to provide charging services themselves.

Last year, GreenWay won the largest electromobile industry tender in Poland so far, carried out by InPost. As a result, GreenWay will deliver and install AC and DC charging stations in InPost logistics centers and will be responsible for the management and service of those chargers. In the future, charging stations will also be located at InPost Parcelshops.

In cooperation with the City Hall of Katowice, GreenWay also built chargers in the mentioned city, started cooperation with the Żabka chain (took over the management of the charger in the ecological "Żabka" in Warsaw), and installed and launched 12 new charging stations in parking lots of IKEA stores.

In cooperation with the international investor and the manager of car parks – Interpanking, GreenWay has also installed 9 chargers in the car park of the National Forum of Music in Wrocław. The charging points were included in the generally accessible GreenWay charging network.

Charging while on the road

In 2021, GreenWay increased the presence of its charging infrastructure at the Travelers' Rest Areas. The company has launched 6 fast-charging stations at MOPs on the A4 motorway. The results of the last year's GDDKiA tender allow the company to build another ten generally accessible charging stations for electric cars on the A4 motorway, S7, and S3 expressways.

Electromobility in 2022

GreenWay aims to popularize electric vehicles to make Central and Eastern Europe cleaner, healthier and less dependent on oil. In 2022, the company intends to continue to intensively expand its public charging network and provide the highest quality comprehensive solutions for B2B customers. GreenWay plans to launch approximately 150 new charging stations in 2022.

GreenWay is also changing technological standards. With the arrival of 2022, the company moved away from installing chargers with the power of 50 kW in favor of 100 and 150 kW devices. The company will also gradually withdraw from using the CHAdeMO standard. Where possible, only 2 * CCS devices will be installed.


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